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Who should be the account owner?
Who should be the account owner?

Usually, the PPC Team Manager

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Technically, this is the first user within a company that signs up on this page, links TrueClicks with Google Ads, and invites his or her colleagues from TrueClicks during onboarding. We like to call these people our champions. πŸ†

If needed, account ownership can be transferred to another user later on, but it's a good idea to decide upfront who will be leading the trial.

In most cases, we believe the PPC Team Manager is the most suitable role for this. Of course, the job title may be different in your company (e.g. Head of PPC, Head of Paid Media, Paid Search Director, etc).

This doesn't necessarily mean this person will have to spend the most time in TrueClicks, but it does mean he or she has the authority to decide which Google Ads accounts and users will be added to TrueClicks and can motivate them to seriously test TrueClicks.

It also means this person is our main point of contact to get things going in the first couple of weeks.

If you have someone else in your company that fits the description above but isn't managing a PPC team, that's also fine of course. Some organizations have strategists or (marketing) technologists to take the lead in the software selection process.

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