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Selecting 'My accounts'
Selecting 'My accounts'

It's more than just a way to clean up your dashboard

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If you're part of a team working on multiple Google Ads accounts, chances are, you're not involved in all accounts you'll find in the TrueClicks All accounts dashboard.

That's why we highly recommend each user to select the account(s) they care most about by simply using the My account toggle:

You can adjust this selection at any time and it will provide you with the following benefits:

  • You can select to show only your accounts my using the top My accounts toggle (next to the search box), which can be especially useful if there are many accounts are linked to TrueClicks.

  • We'll only email you weekly digests and notifications about your accounts.

  • You'll get the cost-weighted average TrueClicks score of your accounts in your weekly email digest, compared to the company average TrueClicks score.

  • It allows analysis at the user level (within the labels functionality), by attaching TrueClicks data to each user based on the My account selection they've made.

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