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Create own copy of Google Data Studio report (advanced)
Create own copy of Google Data Studio report (advanced)
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Standard report provided by TrueClicks can be used directly by any user with username and token. Creating own copy of the report gives you more flexibility compared to the shared report provided by TrueClicks.

Shared report or create own copy?

Not sure which one to choose? Start with the TrueClicks' shared report. If you need customization or schedule delivery of the report by email, make your own copy.

Create own copy

The process consists of 3 steps - first create data connector key in TrueClicks, then in Google Data Studio create new data sources using your new data connector key and at last, create own copy of the report and link it to your data sources.

1. Create data connector key

  • Log in to TrueClicks and go to the Team page.

  • Scroll down to the Data Connector part and enter a key of your choice (note: this will be the Username in Google Data Studio) and click the Create New Key button.

  • This will generate a valid Token for your new data connector key:

2. Create Google Data Studio data sources

Standard TrueClicks report requires 3 data sources within Google Data Studio - accounts, audits and users.

Create GDS data source - Accounts

Create a new data source by opening our TrueClicks Partner Connector:

Next, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Authorize Google Data Studio by clicking on AUTHORISE

  2. Enter username and token generated in TrueClicks and SUBMIT

  3. On the next page, as a Query Type select Accounts from the drop-down and hit CONNECT

4. Last, change the default name 'TrueClicks PPC Audit' to 'TC - Standard - Accounts'

5. Repeat the same for the next 2 data sources - Checks and Users

Creating the next 2 data sources - Checks and Users

The same way you've have created TC - Standard - Accounts data source, now create a data source for Checks and Users. Follow the same steps as Create GDS data source - Accounts.

Name your new data sources TC - Standard - Checks and TC - Standard - Users respectively.

To verify that you have followed the steps correctly, open You should see 3 data sources with the following names:

3. Make a copy of the Standard TrueClicks report

Making a copy of our standard TrueClicks report is simple.

1. Open Standard TrueClicks report

2. Make a copy of the Standard TrueClicks report by clicking on the copy icon

3. Map data sources to your data sources created in the previous step

Et voilà, now you have your own Standard TrueClicks report in the Google Data Studio.

You can freely share it by inviting others by email, download the report as PDF, schedule delivery by email, or embedding within your own environment. You can also make changes to your report, re-brand it with your own logo and extend it with new tables or graphs. Our connector offers substantially more metrics than those used within the Standard TrueClicks report.


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