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How to get TrueClicks data in Power BI
How to get TrueClicks data in Power BI
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By following the instructions below, you'll be able to perform additional (historical) analyses of TrueClicks data, beyond what's available in the app, especially at the client level, if you have Google Ads accounts in your TrueClicks account from different clients.

Please note that you need to indicate which accounts belong to which clients using a client label in TrueClicks.

Once you have done this, follow the steps below to populate our Power BI template with your TrueClicks data.

Create new Data connector key

  • Log in to TrueClicks and go to the Reporting page.

  • Scroll down to the Data Connector part and enter a key of your choice (note: this will be the User name in Power BI) and click the Create Key button.

  • This will generate a Token, which will be your Password in Power BI:

Power BI template

  • Download our template and open it with Power BI Desktop.

  • Click on the refresh button in the ribbon on top:

  • The following pop-up will open in which you should click on the Basic tab to enter the User name and Password you can copy from the Reporting page in TrueClicks. Once you've filled this in, click on the Connect button at the bottom and the template will be populated with your TrueClicks data.

Using Power BI report

  • Now the template is populated, you can click on clients in the top panel to get more details about the status of their accounts. As mentioned, you need to indicate which accounts belong to which customers to make this work

Getting latest data

  • To retrieve the latest data, simply click the Refresh button on top

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