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How to review and edit tasks
How to review and edit tasks

Stay on top of all your to-do's in TrueClicks

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Once tasks are created, there are a couple of places where you can see them:

The tasks page: showing everyone's tasks across all accounts and their status.

Tasks here are sorted by priority based on the due date. Overdue tasks (if any) will be shown first in orange and tasks with a due date in the future will show how many working days are left until the due date.

By clicking on the checkmark icon in front of each task, you'll mark it as completed and that will make it disappear from this list. Please note that this doesn't make the corresponding recommendation disappear in TrueClicks if the issue or opportunity is still found by TrueClicks.

By clicking on the open links at the right, the corresponding account and check will open, so you can see more details and edit the task if you want to (see 3 below).

At the bottom, you'll see the completed tasks.

Initials at the right of the recommendation within an account.

If you look at the TrueClicks results of an individual account, you may see some recommendations with two letters in a circle. Those are the initials of the assignee of the corresponding task. By hovering over these initials, you'll see the full name.

When opening a specific check that has a task.

You can get here by clicking on the open links from 1 or by opening any check that has the initials mentioned at 2 above.

In that case, you'll see the green task button and the assignee at the bottom of the output table:

By clicking on it you'll see:

  • The assignee

  • The person that created the task

  • When it's due

  • The option to mark it as complete

  • The option to edit the task (e.g. change the due date)

  • The option to remove the task

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