How to stay on top of your budgets

Using our emails and overview

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After you've created one or more budgets, we'll show you a daily updated overview of the pacing of each budget, including columns providing useful details.

The first column shows the budget name and the number of accounts involved. The other columns are:

  • Target budget: the total budget that can be spent during the selected time frame.

  • Days left: by default, we sort this overview ascending by days left, showing the budget with the least days left on top.

  • Target spend to date: what should have been spent between the start date of the budget and yesterday.

  • Actual spend: what has really been spent between the start date of the budget and yesterday.

  • Pacing: this bar visualizes how much you're spending more or less than your target so far. The higher the deviation, the more important it is to make adjustments to your campaigns to get back on track.

  • Projected Spend: helps you monitor your ad spending by predicting future expenses. We use percentages to predict if you're on track, underspending, or overspending. Aim for 100% to stay on budget.

  • Avg. daily spend last 7 days: the average daily target spend for the last 7 days.

  • Yesterday's spend: what you actually spent yesterday.

  • New target daily spend: what you should spend per day for the remaining days to reach the target budget. If you've already spent 100% of your target budget, this will obviously be 0.

Next to this overview, we'll also send you emails based on reaching the thresholds that have been entered under the 'Additional options' part of the budget.

These emails will clearly show the budgets with new notifications on top and details for other budgets below:

Clicking on any of the underlined budgets will bring you to the Budgets page in TrueClicks (if you're logged in).

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