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How to stay on top of your targets
How to stay on top of your targets

Using our emails and overview

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Learn how to read the targets overview

After creating targets, you'll see a daily updated summary of each target's status, with helpful columns for details:

The first column shows the target's name and how many accounts are part of it. The rest of the columns include:

  • Days left: by default, we sort this overview ascending by days left, showing the target with the least days left on top.

  • Metric: shows which of the 7 supported KPIs the target is about (Cost, Conversions, Conv. value, Clicks, CPA, ROAS, CPC).

  • Target: the target value for the selected time frame.

  • Current: the actual value to date. So for a monthly CPA target, this would show the actual CPA for the current month from the 1st of the month until yesterday.

  • Progress: for pacing targets (Cost, Conversions, Conv. value, and Clicks) this shows how much more or less spend or volume you've generated so far vs. where you should have been right now given your target.
    For efficiency targets, this shows how much higher or lower your actual value is to date vs. your target.

  • Projected: this is our estimate of where your target will be by the end of the target period (schedule). For this estimate, we use data from the last 7 days (taking the day of the week into account) to project the values for the remaining days.

  • Daily value last 7 days: the average value for this metric in the last 7 days. For pacing metrics, it shows the average daily value (e.g. avg. daily spend), for efficiency metrics it's simply the average value for the last 7 days.

Columns that are populated for Pacing targets only:

  • Yesterday's value: the actual value for yesterday.

  • New daily target: the volume you generate (or spend) per day from now on to reach your target.


Next to this overview, we'll also send you emails based on reaching the thresholds that have been entered under the 'Additional options' part of the target.

These emails will clearly show the targets with new notifications on top and details for other targets below:

Clicking on any of the items will bring you to the targets page in TrueClicks (if you're logged in).

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