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How to get alerts in Microsoft Teams
How to get alerts in Microsoft Teams

Using their email forwarding feature

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Receiving TrueClicks alerts in Microsoft Teams allows for better collaboration and up-to-date progress tracking on tasks and projects.

Timely alerts for urgent messages help ensure that you don't miss critical communication. You can stay organized and focused on the tasks by centralizing your communications and notifications.

Get Started

To send an email to a Microsoft Teams channel, you will need to find the channel's email address.

  1. Find the email address of the channel to which you want to send the email by clicking on the ellipsis and selecting "Get Email address."

  2. Copy the email address that appears.

3. Open your monitor(s) that you want to integrate with MS Team

4. Add the email address you just copied (which looks like "Channel - Company name <>.

5. The email will appear in your Teams channel's "Conversations" tab.

6. Any attachments in the email will also be saved to the SharePoint document library for that channel.

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