GAQL Fetcher explained

Populate Google Sheets with Google Ads data at scale

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GAQL Fetcher by TrueClicks is a Google Sheets add-on that instantly populates your Google sheets using the Google Ads Query Language.

It's totally free and can offer you and your team the following benefits:

  • Fetch data for multiple Google Ads accounts at once in a structured and scalable way.

  • Share templates for analysis and insights: our add-on can be used as a template to share valuable analysis and insights with others.

  • On-demand data import: import metrics, dimensions, and segments directly from your Google Ads account to Google Sheets.

  • Customizable reporting after importing the data: customize reports by selecting and organizing the data to fit your account's KPIs.

  • Data visualization: visualize data using Google Sheets' built-in chart and graph tools.

  • Custom functions: you can use custom functions within Sheets to manipulate the imported data and create more complex reports.

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