Run your queries with GAQL Fetcher

And populate Google Sheets with Google Ads data

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Open the add-on

Once you've filled in the template with your GAQL queries and the account(s) you want to run it for, open the GAQL Fetcher to see the "Run" buttons:

If you have multiple columns (ENABLED), you can choose between "Run all" (dark blue arrow above) or running the columns one by one (light blue arrows above).

We recommend trying "Run all" first, which would be the fastest. But as there's a 45-second timeout limit (see troubleshooting), running one by one is the way to go if running all can't be done in 45 seconds.

If everything works properly, new sheets will be created using the name(s) from row 3, containing the data fetched for the account(s) in row 4 (and beyond) and the GAQL query in row 2:

Important: If the report sheet already exists, it will be overwritten each time you run it.

The Refresh button

The REFRESH button helps you update the list of reports on the right side of the menu.

You can use it when you have changed the reports in the sheet, such as adding a new report or removing an existing one. The button ensures you have an up-to-date view of all available reports.

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