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For agencies: do you need to ask your clients permission to use TrueClicks?
For agencies: do you need to ask your clients permission to use TrueClicks?

It depends

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As mentioned in the 'Which (client) accounts should you link to TrueClicks?' article, we recommend that agencies link enough client accounts to TrueClicks to make it interesting for each trial user.

Depending on the agreements you've made with your clients about third-party software, you may need to ask them for permission before linking their accounts to TrueClicks.

We leave it up to each agency whether or not they ask for permission first, we see that some agencies do but most don't (need to), at least not during a trial.

When discussing the use of TrueClicks with your client(s), it's important to know (and share) the following.

Security & privacy

  • The obvious one: we will never share advertiser data with any third party for any reason.

  • We take all necessary security measures to maximize data security, including permanently deleting Google Ads data from our servers after 30 days.

  • The privacy of your client contact person(s) and their customers are guaranteed, as we don't have access to any personally identifying information (PII) from your client or their customers. The only advertiser-level data we process is anonymous data like clicks, cost, conversions, quality score, etc.

  • TrueClicks will not show up as a user in your client's Google Ads accounts. Not as a user with access, nor in the change history when you apply changes from TrueClicks. Any changes made in TrueClicks will always be logged under the user that performed that change from TrueClicks.

Sharing TrueClicks data with your clients

  • If you invite (some of) your client contacts to TrueClicks, please invite them with private access, that way, they'll only see the accounts they have access to in Google Ads.

  • Additionally, we offer a Google Data Studio template that you can limit to show client-specific data only, so you can share the TrueClicks results with the corresponding client using this template.

  • You can also build your own dashboards based on TrueClicks data, learn how to do this in the integrations part of our help center.

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