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Inviting and managing team members
Inviting and managing team members

Make sure your team and partners have the right access

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If you're not the only one that could benefit from having access to TrueClicks, we'd highly recommend inviting all relevant colleagues, client contacts, and partners to TrueClicks.

Inviting users to TrueClicks is always free and unlimited, so there's no need to hold back for pricing reasons.

We strongly advise against sharing login credentials, as this will interfere with essential functionality like 'My accounts', email notifications, direct fixes from TrueClicks, and 'Last seen'.

To invite, edit or remove TrueClicks users or to see when they last logged in, go to the Team page. You'll find a link to that page in the left-hand menu:

Please note that if you don't have team management permissions, the following message will show:

If you get this message, please reach out to one of the mentioned team members at the end (blurred above), as they can invite, edit or remove team members and can give you these permissions as well.

Invite new team members

At the top of the team page, you'll see two ways to invite other people to TrueClicks:

  • Private access

  • Global access

We recommend private access for most users, including:

  • External users such as clients (if you're an agency), so you can give them access to their TrueClicks results, without worrying about them seeing all your other clients.

  • Your agency contact person(s), if you're an advertiser.

  • Colleagues who should only see accounts they already have access to in Google Ads.

Private is also the safest way to invite people as they'll automatically stop seeing TrueClicks results if they no longer have the corresponding Google Ads access (e.g. when they leave your team or company).

Private access

Global access

Can see all accounts linked to TrueClicks?

No, can only see the accounts they already have access to in Google Ads


Can make changes to accounts directly from TrueClicks?

Yes, but only for accounts they have direct Google access to.

Yes, but only after adding their login on their profile page and only for accounts they have direct Google access to.

Can link/unlink accounts from TrueClicks?


Only when this permission is granted

Can add or remove other team members?


Only when this permission is granted

Can change billing details?


Only when this permission is granted

We recommend global access for users that match any of the following criteria:

  • People that don't have direct Google Ads access, but should still see the TrueClicks results.

  • People that should be able to link or unlink accounts from TrueClicks.

  • People that should be able to add or remove users from TrueClicks.

  • People hat should be able to change the billing details.

Check Pending invitations

The invited team members will show under Pending Invitations until they've created their TrueClicks account, which is a matter of clicking the link in the invitation email and creating a password.

We recommend regularly checking if all invited team members are no longer Pending. If so, you can resend the invitation email by clicking on Resend.ย 

If somehow they didn't receive the invitation email, please let them check their Spam or Junk folders.
And if the invitation email was marked as Spam or Junk, please add to your contacts (Google Workspace) or to your safe senders list (Outlook).
If the invitation emails are nowhere to be found, please let us know at

Editing existing team members

If you want to edit the permissions of an existing user, simply click on the blue Permissions link:

This will let you adjust the following permissions:

  • Change access level from global to private and the other way around

  • Can link/unlink Google Ads accounts

  • Can add/remove team members

  • Can change billing details

Select which permissions you want to give to the user and click Save & Close.

Last seen

For each user, we'll show you how many days ago they last logged into TrueClicks. You can use this information to get a quick feel for who has recently used TrueClicks within your team.
This obviously doesn't say much about the frequency or duration of their usage, just about recency.

Remove users

You can remove users by clicking on the red Remove link at the right of their user details.
We recommend doing this as soon as possible after someone leaves your company, especially if they had global access.

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