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How to get TrueClicks data in Google Sheets
How to get TrueClicks data in Google Sheets

Import your TrueClicks data of choice in a Google sheet

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By following the instructions below, you'll be able to send TrueClicks data to Google Sheets.


You need a TrueClicks data connector key to access your data.

  1. Log in to TrueClicks and go to the Reporting page.

  2. Scroll down to the Data Connector part and enter a key of your choice and click the Create New Key button.

This will generate a combination of Username and Token that will be used later in your new Google Sheets doc:

Google Sheets setup

  1. Create a new Google Sheet

  2. Go to Extensions > Apps Script

  3. Copy & paste this ImportJSON script and click Save

  4. Enter the following formula in the A1 cell of an empty sheet:

=ImportJSONBasicAuth("", "{Username}", "{Token}")
  • Replace {Username} and {Token} with your data connector key credentials from the above steps. Make sure you also remove the {} brackets in your formula:

=ImportJSONBasicAuth("", "ppc_team_dashboard", "a4a7b2a0-e123-49ae-a1b9-7dcdabaacf01")

  • Now your Google Sheet is populated with TrueClicks data.

Additional data sets

There are 3 different data sets you can import into Google Sheets - next to account level data (used above), you can also import check-level data and user data.

Data set



Account-level data

The latest aggregated account data including account TrueClicks score, the number of monitoring issues per category and the number of auditing results per category. The same data you see in the all accounts overview.

Account-level data (historical)

Same as "Account-level data" but including weekly historical values up to 1 year back.

Check-level data

The latest calculated score or value for every monitoring and auditing check. The same data you see when you open single account audit.

User-level data

Active users and pending invitations.

Task-level data

Tasks from Task management

To import a different data set into Google Sheets, create an empty sheet within the same Google Sheet doc and repeat step 4 of the Google Sheets setup section, using a different URL from the table above:

=ImportJSONBasicAuth("{URL}", "{Username}", "{Token}") 

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