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Checks you can fix directly from TrueClicks
Checks you can fix directly from TrueClicks

Find out what you can optimize directly from TrueClicks

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For a growing selection of our checks and recommendations, there's an option to fix or optimize it directly from TrueClicks.

That way, you don't have to leave TrueClicks to go to the Google Ads interface or Editor to make the recommended changes.

To make this work, you first need to add your personal Google Ads login as described over here. You only need to do this once.

Recognizing checks that you can fix from TrueClicks

You can recognize the checks you can optimize straight from TrueClicks by the green 'post changes' icon to the right:

For these checks, we have a fix button. You can click on 'Fix all' by default, or first, make a selection of items you want to optimize:

How solutions work in TrueClicks

For each type of check that you can fix from TrueClicks, there's a primary solution and usually also a secondary solution.

For example, if a URL is broken, the primary solution is to change that URL into a working one. The secondary solution is to pause the corresponding ads or keywords. Both solutions would solve the problem and you're free to apply your choice to all items at once or to make a different choice per item.

See the short video below for how this works:

List of checks that you can currently fix from TrueClicks

The table below will be updated regularly (this version is from December 2020). By clicking on the check name, you'll go to a tutorial (including video) for that specific check (type). We'll add more tutorials in the coming days and weeks.

Check name

Primary solution

Secondary solution(s)

Change the URLs

Pause the corresponding ads

Change the URLs

Pause the corresponding keywords

Broken extension URLs (sitelink, price, app, and promotion)

Change the URLs

Remove the corresponding extensions

Wrong use of match type

Change it to the right match type (dynamic)

  • Remove redundant + symbols (if needed).

  • Change the keyword text.

Empty ad groups (without targeting or ads)

Pause the ad groups


Campaigns without ad groups

Pause the campaigns


Disapproved ads

Change the URLs

  • Change the ad text

  • Pause the ads

Disapproved sitelinks

Change the URLs

  • Change the sitelink text

  • Remove the sitelinks

Query mining (non-converting + inefficient n-grams & common negatives)

Add the selected words to an existing negative keyword list

Add the selected words to a new "TrueClicks negatives" negative keyword list

Targeting Search Partners

Enable Search Partners in campaigns without Search Partner impressions (last 12 months)


Acceptable Search Partner performance

Disable Search Partners in campaigns where Search Partners underperform


Targeting the English language

Add "English" to the language targeting where needed

Set campaigns to target "All languages"

Location of interest performance

Set advanced location targeting to "Presence" in campaigns where "Interest" is underperforming


Generic queries in branded campaigns

Add selected words as negative keywords to the branded campaign(s)

Add selected words to a shared negative keyword list

Branded queries in generic campaigns

Add the brand terms to generic campaigns

Add the brand terms to a shared negative keyword list

At least 2 active ads per ad group showing

Create a second ad in the ad groups with just 1 ad showing


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