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Auto-apply - Campaign settings
Auto-apply - Campaign settings
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Maintain Your Campaign Settings

The Auto-Apply feature for 'Campaign Settings' helps you effortlessly align your campaign settings with your preferences. It does this by automatically scanning your campaigns daily and making necessary adjustments.

A brief refresher of how it works:

Auto-Apply helps you streamline your campaign management by making sure your preferences are applied consistently across all campaigns.

We offer two modes for this:

  • Preview Mode

    • TrueClicks identifies any parts of your campaigns that don't align with your specified preferences.

    • It will not make any changes automatically

    • This is a great starting point to understand how auto-apply works and make sure you're comfortable with the suggestions.

  • Auto-Apply Mode

    • When you set a task to auto-apply, TrueClicks will actively make necessary changes to match your preferences (including adding negative keywords).

    • All changes are documented, so you have a complete log of actions taken.

Important Note:
You have complete control over which tasks are enabled for Auto-Apply.

Auto-Apply Tasks: Campaign settings

1. Location Targeting

  • Task: Only target people in (or regularly in) your targeted locations

  • Auto-Apply Action: Prevents your ads from showing to people who searched for your targeted location but are physically outside of it.

2. Display Expansion

  • Task: Disable Display Expansion on Search campaigns

  • Auto-Apply Action: Restricts your search ads to Google search results, preventing them from appearing on the Display Network.

3. Search Partners

  • Task: Search partners targeting

  • Auto-Apply Action: Includes or excludes search partners (websites that collaborate with Google to display ads) from all your search campaigns, based on your selection.

  • Options:

    • Disable (search partners)

    • Include (search partners)

Select 'Disable' or 'Include':

4. Ad Rotation

  • Task: Preferred ad rotation setting

  • Auto-Apply Action: Enforces your chosen ad rotation preference, preventing Google from automatically optimizing ad rotation (which is the default).

  • Options:

    • Optimize: Gives Google the flexibility to show higher-performing ads more often.

    • Rotate ads indefinitely: Ensures even distribution of your ads, but requires you to manually pause underperforming ads.

Select 'Optimize' or 'Rotate':

5. Language Targeting

  • Task: Campaign language targeting

  • Auto-Apply Action: Makes sure that your selected language(s) are consistently targeted across all campaigns. You can even target different languages for specific campaigns based on their names.

1. Select 'Add new'

2. Select preferred language

3. Select all campaigns, or a group based on name or label(s).

4. Save

6. Campaign Location Targeting

  • Task: Campaign location targeting

  • Auto-Apply Action: Ensures that your chosen locations are targeted (and/or excluded) across campaigns. You can target all campaigns or use specific naming conventions to target select campaigns.

1. Select 'Add new'

2. Add location to target

3. Add location to exclude

4. Select all campaigns, or a group based on name or label(s).

5. Save

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