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Performance Monitoring explained
Performance Monitoring explained

An introduction to Performance Monitoring

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TrueClicks performance monitoring is the most customizable, user-friendly, and scalable way to generate alerts when metrics change in your Google or Microsoft Ads accounts.

To get started, click "Performance" in the left navigation bar.

Once you've clicked on "Performance", you can search and filter within the generated alerts, create a new monitor, or manage existing monitors. As we activate two monitors by default in each account, it will look something like this:

The two default monitors in each account are:

  • Massive drop in key account metrics: a 90% or larger decrease in yesterday's account-level impressions, conversions, or conv. value compared to the same day a week ago.

  • 30% change in account-level cost in the last 7 days. A 30% or larger increase or decrease in cost in the last 7 days, compared to the 7-day average of the previous 3 weeks.

If you want to remove or edit these default monitors, simply click on "Manage monitors" in the top right.

Currently, there are two types of monitors you can create in TrueClicks

  • A fluctuation: a % increase or decrease in a specific timeframe compared to the historical average of that same timeframe.

  • A threshold: going lower or higher than a fixed number you'd like to be alerted about.

You can set up alerts for many or all of your linked accounts and campaigns at once using TrueClicks. This is much quicker than using scripts or tools that must be set up for each account separately.

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