Reviewing alerts in TrueClicks

How to use and filter the alerts generated by Performance Monitoring

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Once you have created your monitors, alerts will appear in your TrueClicks overview. To review your alerts, click on the number next to the monitor name in your overview.

This will take you to the monitor's detailed overview to see which accounts and campaigns have triggered alerts. Each alert shows:

  • The metric being monitored (with a timeframe and an arrow indicating if it increased or decreased)

  • The percentage of the change compared to before

  • The account, campaign, and monitor name that triggered the alert

  • The current results

  • The absolute change that happened

  • The results from the previous timeframe chosen for comparison

You can filter the alerts by:

  1. Turn on the "my accounts" switch to view only the accounts you manage.

  2. You can use the search bar to enter specific words or phrases related to the alerts.

  3. Choose between increase/decrease for fluctuations alerts or above/below for thresholds alerts.

  4. Select the account labels to view a group of accounts.

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