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Troubleshooting GAQL fetcher

Solutions for common issues with GAQL Fetcher

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Below, you'll find the most common errors you can encounter while using GAQL Fetcher and how to solve them.

Request failed

Potential solutions/checks for this error:

1. Check if you can get data and access the Google Ads account(s) you've entered.

2. Use the Google Validator to check for any query format issues.

3. Use, a tool developed by TrueClicks, to test your query and ensure it produces the desired output.

Example of output for your Google Ads data

Enter a valid Customer ID (numbers only)

Enter your Google account IDs in the correct fields and format them correctly:

See the examples below:

Incorrect formatting: ❌

Correct formatting: βœ…


The Google Sheet add-on has a hard execution limit of 45 seconds.

Unfortunately, the error won't say it's because of a timeout. But you can safely assume that if you get an error after 45 seconds, and none of the other errors above apply, it's a time out.

If there are multiple enabled columns, the solution is to run the columns one by one by clicking each run button on the right. Wait for the query to execute successfully, and then run the next one.

If there's just one column but multiple Google Ads accounts in row 4 and beyond, it's a matter of reducing the number of Google Ads accounts until all of them can run within 45 seconds.

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