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Introducing custom attributes
Introducing custom attributes

Because not every account is the same

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Why custom attributes?

As mentioned in the Analyzing the All accounts dashboard article, providing custom attributes for each account is our way of letting you customize our auditing and monitoring checks.

We consider these attributes as our alternative of letting you simply dismiss recommendations.

As our mission is to provide complete and independent PPC audits that tell the truth (hence TrueClicks😊), dismissing recommendations (hiding the truth) doesn't fit with that mission.

There are three ways to enter and edit the custom attributes for each account:

  • In the most right column of the All accounts dashboard, where it will say 'ENTER' if you haven't filled in any of the essential attributes yet:

  • Below the TrueClicks score on each individual account page:

  • In the output popup of checks that are influenced by a custom attribute. In which case you can quickly edit just that custom attribute, without having to use one of the previous options:

Once you open the custom attributes pop-up by using on of the first two methods above, you'll see it has three sections:

Learn how to fill in each section by clicking on one of the links above.

If you believe we should add certain custom attributes to let you further customize our checks, please let us know by starting a conversation in the bottom-right messenger while logged in to TrueClicks, or by sending an email to

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