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Connect with Merchant Center
Connect with Merchant Center

So you'll get the diagnostics results inside TrueClicks

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For Google Ads accounts with Shopping campaigns, we can show all issues (account, feed, and item issues) found on the Diagnostics page in Merchant Center right in TrueClicks. Or even better: we can show you there aren't any, without you needing to log in to Merchant Center.

Here's how to make that work.

First, go to an account in TrueClicks that you know has active Shopping Campaigns. Once opened, check if the "Errors" part from monitoring already contain Merchant Center checks:

If you see checks like in the screenshot above, there's already a working link with the corresponding Merchant Center account(s), so there's no need to link with Merchant Center for this Google Ads account.

However, if you don't see any active Merchant Center checks under "Errors", please expand this pane by clicking on the bottom-right "+" icon:

By hovering over the "?" icon in front of the greyed out Merchant Center checks, we'll tell you which Merchant Center account(s) need(s) to be linked to TrueClicks to make these checks work in this account:

The person that has access to that specific Merchant Center account (and to TrueClicks of course), should now go to the Manage Logins page in TrueClicks.

This page shows which Google logins are already being used and there's a button to add more logins.

If one of the existing logins has been added to TrueClicks before April 2020 and it also has access to Merchant Center, you can simply 're-authenticate' that login.

If you need another login to access Merchant Center, click on the 'Add Google Login' button.

When adding a new login or re-authenticating an existing one, a Google pop-up will load and ask you to log in and allow TrueClicks to access your data by clicking on the blue "Allow" button in the bottom right:

After clicking "Allow", you'll see that linking works correctly as the Merchant Center icon should show next to the corresponding email address on the manage logins page.

The day after you've linked with Merchant Center, you should see the Merchant Center checks active in the corresponding Google Ads accounts in TrueClicks. If you don't see them, just repeat the steps above or send us a message while you're in TrueClicks.

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