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Post changes to Google Ads
Add your personal Google Ads login
Add your personal Google Ads login

The first step to enable applying changes directly from TrueClicks

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Before you can apply fixes directly from TrueClicks, you'll have to add your personal Google Ads login on your profile page in TrueClicks.

This way, we're sure that any change made from TrueClicks can only be made by users that currently have access to a specific Google Ads account.

It also ensures that changes you make from TrueClicks will be logged in the change history under the email address you have linked on this page.

To enable this, click on your name in the top-right corner and click on 'My Profile'.

You'll see a green "+Personal Google Ads login" button:

If you click on this button, a Google login pop-up should open. Please login with the email address you use to login to Google Ads and click on "Allow" so you can post changes from TrueClicks:


After that, you'll see that your login has successfully been linked to your TrueClicks profile:

From now on, you'll be able to apply changes directly from TrueClicks, as long as you also have access to the corresponding account in Google Ads.

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