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Auto-apply - Introduction
Auto-apply - Introduction

Get started with auto-applied changes, the TrueClicks way

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You may already be familiar with Google's auto-applied recommendations, so let us start by saying that the TrueCicks version is quite the opposite.

In this part of TrueClicks, you can choose the settings, negative keyword(s) (lists), and placement exclusion(s) (lists) that should be applied automatically to each campaign in the account or a selection of campaigns based on their name.

Below, you'll find the current categories and corresponding tasks you can let TrueClicks preview or auto-apply.

  • With preview, we flag and list elements that aren't compliant with your preferences so you can review them and take action on your own.
    Some tasks are set to Preview by default, as we believe nearly all accounts should be notified for noncompliance on these issues.

  • With auto-apply, we make the necessary adjustments to make your campaigns compliant while you sleep (or do something more creative with your time).

Auto-apply categories and tasks

  • Auto-dismiss Google's recommendations

  • Only target people in your targeted locations

  • Disable Display Expansion on Search campaigns

  • Enable or disable Search Partners

  • Preferred ad rotation setting

  • Automate language targeting (based on campaign names)

  • Automate location targeting (based on campaign names)

  • Apply negative keyword lists (based on campaign names)

  • Apply placement exclusion lists (based on campaign names)

Populate negative keyword(s) (lists)

  • Negatives for paused exact match keywords

Populate placement exclusions lists

  • TrueClicks waste prevention: kids channels

  • TrueClicks waste prevention: low-quality websites

  • External exclusion sources for YouTube, Display and mobile apps

  • Enforce target languages for YouTube and Display

  • Exclude unwanted content (blacklist words) for YouTube, Display and Mobile apps

Get started

To get started with Auto-apply, simply click on the link in the left-hand menu:

This page will show your accounts and the current status of auto-applied tasks across these accounts.

  • Auto-applied changes: shows the number of auto-applied changes made in the last 30 days in that account. If no changes are needed based on the enabled tasks, a green checkmark will appear.

  • Preview changes: shows the number of noncompliant items found based on the most recent run, so usually today's.

  • Enabled tasks: this shows how many of the tasks we can auto-apply have been set to "auto-apply" or "preview" in that account.

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