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Auto-apply - introduction
Auto-apply - introduction

Get started with auto-applied changes, the TrueClicks way

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You may already be familiar with auto-applied ad suggestions or recommendations from Google Ads.

From what we've heard, many advertisers and agencies prefer to have more control over the settings, ads, and keywords that should automatically be applied to their accounts.

That's why we've built our version of auto-apply, where you can choose the settings and negative keywords that should be applied automatically in each account.

TrueClicks will check all campaigns daily to make sure your preferences and inputs are applied consistently. We offer two options for this:

  • Preview: in this mode, we'll flag all instances that don't match your preferences, but will not make any changes automatically. This is a good setting to start with to get familiar with auto-apply and to make sure you agree with the suggested changes.

  • Auto-apply: when you set a 'task' to auto-apply, we'll make the changes necessary to enforce your preferred settings or negative keywords. Of course, we'll clearly show all the changes we've made (while you were sleeping).

To get started with Auto-apply, simply click on the link in the left-hand menu:

This page will show your accounts and the current status of auto-applied tasks across these accounts:

  • Auto-applied changes: shows the number of auto-applied changes made in the last 30 days in that account. If no changes were needed based on the enabled tasks, it shows a green checkmark.

  • Preview changes: shows the number of changes suggested based on the most recent run, so usually today's.

  • Enabled tasks: this shows how many of the tasks we can auto-apply have been set to "auto-apply" or "preview" in that account. By default, none of the tasks are enabled. It's up to you to decide which tasks you want to enable.

List of tasks we can currently auto-apply

Currently, you can enable the 7 tasks below in preview or auto-apply mode. We plan to add more on a regular basis (also see our roadmap).

  • Only target people in (or regularly in) your targeted locations

  • Disable Display Expansion on Search campaigns

  • Preferred ad rotation setting

  • Search partners targeting

  • Campaign Negatives

  • Branded Campaign Negatives

  • Negatives for paused exact keywords

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