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Apply negative keyword lists
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This auto-apply task can help you ensure the right negative keyword lists are consistently applied to the right (or all) campaigns.

This is especially useful when new Search or Shopping campaigns are created regularly, and people may forget to associate the right negative keyword lists with the new campaign(s).

You can set this up in a few simple steps.

  1. Click on an account in the auto-apply section of TrueClicks.

  2. Scroll down to the "Apply negative keyword and placement exclusion lists" section.

  3. Expand (click on) the "Apply negative keyword lists" task.

  4. By clicking on the "Add new" link, you can create a new rule by selecting one of the existing negative keyword lists from your account (or MCC) and associating it with:

    • All campaigns

    • A campaign name filter based on "Contains," "Does not contain," or Regex.

    • Google Ads Campaign labels, using "Has All" or "Has any of." You can enter multiple labels by comma separating them.

  5. Once you're done, click on save.

  6. Add a new rule if you need different negative lists to be associated with different types of campaigns in the same account.

  7. Set this task to preview if you just want to get warnings about campaigns not having the right negative lists, or set it to auto-apply if you want TrueClicks to enforce it whenever needed automatically.

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