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Bulk copy auto-apply to multiple accounts
Bulk copy auto-apply to multiple accounts
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Learn how to efficiently apply placement exclusions across multiple Google Ads accounts, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Before you begin ensure you have access to the relevant Google Ads account(s).

Key Benefits:

  • Time-saving: Streamline the exclusion process across many accounts.

  • Consistency: Ensure the same placement exclusions are applied.


  • At least one Google Ads account set up with your desired placement exclusions (this will serve as the template).


1. Navigate to the Bulk Section: Locate the "Bulk edit" by clicking on the three-dot menu within the account overview within the Auto-Apply interface.

2. Account Selection: Choose the accounts to which you want to apply the placement exclusions.

3. Template Selection: Select the account containing your preconfigured placement exclusion tasks.

4. Exclusion Task Selection: Specify which placement exclusion tasks to copy.

5. Copy and Apply (with Preview): Use the "Copy Auto-apply as Preview" function to review the changes before finalizing.

6. Save & Close: Confirm and save your changes.

Important Note: If you're copying account-specific placement lists, you'll need to update them separately for each account.

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