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Account-level deep linking to Google Ads from TrueClicks
Account-level deep linking to Google Ads from TrueClicks

Enter the OCID attribute so we can generate direct links to the corresponding campaigns and ad groups

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Unfortunately, Google hasn't created the URLs in the Google Ads interface in a way that they're easy to build based on data we already have.

Each Google Ads account has a so-called OCID that TrueClicks can't get from the API. So for us to provide you deep links to the right ad group or campaign for each of our checks, we need the OCID for the corresponding account.

That's why we created this custom attribute, so you can provide us with this OCID number, and based on that, we'll be able to create deep links in TrueClicks.

Follow the steps below to enable deep links in TrueClicks for one account.

If you want to do this for many accounts within an MCC at once, please follow the steps in this article.

  • Log in to Google Ads and navigate to the account you want to enable deep-linking for.

  • Copy the number you see right after the ocid= part of the URL. So in the example below that would be 471617411:

  • Open the custom attributes of the corresponding account and click 'Set OCID' in the bottom right:

  • Paste the number you've copied from the Google Ads URL in this field and click the 'Save & close' button:

  • After that, you'll see that campaigns and ad groups have become clickable. When you click on those links, the corresponding ad group or campaign will open in a new tab in Google Ads.

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