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Before you start your trial or pilot
Before you start your trial or pilot

What you need to know up front

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Free trials are the best way to test TrueClicks for companies that manage up to $400K/month in ad spend.

By "free trial," we mean the first weeks of using TrueClicks with free unlimited spend. After the free trial period, we offer a forever free version of TrueClicks with a $50K/mo spend limit.

If your team manages more than $400K/mo, please read about our pilot project, as that's the best way to evaluate TrueClicks for higher spend levels. A pilot lasts 3 months, isn't gamified, and costs $2,000 (or €2,000).

A free trial will last anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks. The exact length will depend on how much you customize TrueClicks and how many users and Google Ads accounts you involve during your trial.

At the bottom of this page, you'll find a table showing how long your trial could last based on the number of active users and Google Ads accounts involved during your trial.

The good news is that trials are only limited in time, which means they are unlimited when it comes to:

  • Linked accounts

  • Linked spend

  • Users

  • Features

So the question remains: how will your team get the most value out of this limited time?

We believe it's by answering a few questions in advance:

Maximum trial length based on active users and linked Google Ads accounts

Before starting your trial, it would be good to determine the number of days your trial could last based on the table below:

1 Google Ads account linked

2 to 4 accounts linked

5 to 14 accounts linked

15 to 29 accounts linked

At least 30 accounts linked

1 active user

15 days

19 days

23 days

32 days

35 days

2 active users

17 days

21 days

25 days

34 days

37 days

3 active users

17 days

25 days

29 days

38 days

41 days

4 or more active users

18 days

26 days

30 days

39 days

42 days

Please note that just having the users and accounts linked won't give you the maximum length right away.

By clicking on the 'earn more days' button, you'll see exactly what your team needs to do to earn this maximum trial length:

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