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Which (client) accounts should you link to TrueClicks?
Which (client) accounts should you link to TrueClicks?

As many or as little as you'd like.

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As shown in the 'First 5 minutes of your trial video', we automatically select all accounts that you can access with the provided Google Ads login.

But you don't need to link all Google Ads accounts under your MCC to TrueClicks.

You're free to link as many or as little (but always at least 1) accounts as you'd like and are also free to change this during your trial.

Below, you'll find more specific advice depending on the type of company you're working for.


  • We would advise linking the accounts of at least 3 clients (preferably 5) per user during your trial.

  • So if you're doing the trial with three colleagues, we'd recommend linking the accounts of 9 to 15 different clients in total.

  • This is to make sure each trial user sees a couple of their clients in TrueClicks. If you work at an agency and none of your clients are linked to TrueClicks, there is little reason for you to use the tool and you wouldn't experience much value from it.

  • We would also recommend having some variety in the type of clients you link to TrueClicks (if possible). That way, you can see how TrueClicks works for advertisers in different industries.

  • You may need to ask your clients for permission to test TrueClicks with their accounts.


  • Our advice here is simple: link all Google Ads accounts you have to TrueClicks.

  • The exception would be accounts that exclusively contain one of the following campaign types: YouTube, Smart Shopping, Express, or Universal App campaigns. As TrueClicks won't provide many insights for these campaign types.

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