Budget pacing - introduction

No more under- or overspending

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Chances are you've been given a target budget for (some of) the accounts you manage in Google Ads.

It could be a monthly or quarterly budget and it could include just one account, a couple of campaigns, multiple accounts, or specific campaigns across accounts. And how much you're allowed to deviate may also vary case by case.

That's why we've created a fully customizable budget pacing feature in TrueClicks.

Not because we believe having a fixed budget for profitable PPC is a great idea (it isn't), but because we realize it's the reality our customers have to face and we want to make your life easier.

The current version works with Google Ads only, but we expect to include Bing Ads in a couple of months.

So if you want to stay on top of your Google Ads target budgets in a user-friendly manner, be sure to learn how to create and edit budgets in TrueClicks!

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