Placement Exclusions - Introduction
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What are Google Ads placement exclusions?

Placement exclusions prevent your ads from appearing on specific websites, videos, or apps within the Google Display Network and YouTube. This helps ensure your ads reach your intended audience and avoid irrelevant placements.

Why use them?

You spend time crafting the perfect ad, only to see it pop up in all the wrong places. Looking to refine your ad targeting and protect your brand reputation? Our new advanced placement exclusions let you take control back and more:

  1. Protect your brand: Avoid placements that don't fit your brand image or messaging.

  2. Optimize your budget: Focus your budget on websites and channels where your target audience is most likely to be found.

  3. Improve campaign performance: Eliminate wasted impressions and increase your return on investment (ROI).

No more ads on the wrong websites, useless YouTube channels, or apps that don't work.

It's about making sure your ads end up where they'll make an impact.

Types of placement exclusions

  • YouTube exclusions: Control where your ads appear on YouTube.

  • Display exclusions: Refine your targeting on the Google Display Network.

  • App exclusions: Choose where your ads show within mobile apps.

We look at the last 90 days of historical data to identify placements so that placements with few impressions aren't overlooked.

How TrueClicks placement exclusions work

  1. Preview mode: When you create placement exclusions, they are initially enabled in preview mode. This allows you to see the potential impact of your exclusions before fully applying them.

  2. Reviewing potential exclusions: Carefully review the websites, videos, or apps suggested for exclusion in preview mode to ensure they align with your targeting goals.

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