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What is the TrueClicks waste prevention?

You can automatically add kids' channels and intrusive GDN websites to your placement exclusion list(s) within a few clicks.

Excluding kid-focused YouTube channels

If your product isn't for kids, you should avoid showing your ads on children's channels. Kids often click on ads by mistake, which can waste your money. Also, it might confuse your brand's image and upset parents.

Furthermore, YouTube's 'Made for Kids' flag is inaccurate, with many kid-focused channels lacking the flag and others incorrectly classified. We have a better solution for you:

  • Protecting your ad placements: As soon as your ads have 1 impression in these channels, we'll flag it and can auto-exclude the channel(s) for you.

  • How we identify low-quality: We've developed a custom algorithm to better identify channels targeting children ages 0-12. This algorithm analyzes:

    • The channel's top 10 videos

    • Channel metadata and descriptions (in all languages)

  • Our database: We've analyzed 2.8 million YouTube channels, identifying over 30,000 as kid-focused.

Filtering out low-quality websites

You don't want your ads to be surrounded by low-quality websites that bombard visitors with intrusive pop-ups, banners, overlays, or interstitials that disrupt the user experience, ultimately harming your results.

  • Protecting your ad placements: Avoid having your ads appear on low-quality websites.

  • How we identify low-quality: We use several data points to determine whether a website is primarily designed to generate ad clicks (clickbait) rather than provide valuable content. This often includes:

    • An excessive amount of banner ads

    • Deceptive overlays that trigger ads when clicked

  • Our database: We've found over 40,000 low-quality websites to exclude

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