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What are placement exclusions by language targeting?

This feature gives you control over where your ads appear by targeting specific languages. You can choose the languages you want your ads to appear, and our system will automatically exclude placements in other languages.

How it works

  1. You select the language(s) you wish to target for your ads.

  2. Our AI-powered system maintains a large database of placements and their detected languages.

  3. TrueClicks will automatically exclude placements in any other languages than the selected above.

Best practices

  • Start in Preview mode by targeting your account's local language and English.

  • Review the results to see the types of placements being suggested and the languages they use.

  • This will help you decide whether to exclude placements in other languages or broaden your targeting.

Note: We don't support language-based exclusions for mobile apps because app placements are typically in English.

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