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What are placement exclusions with forbidden words?

These tasks will let you enter a blacklist of words, and based on those, we'll exclude placements or apps that contain these words. Think of words like free, games, discount, deals, etc.

If you don’t want your ads to show based on a 'blacklist' of forbidden topics or keywords, here’s where you can enter them.

How does TrueClicks match forbidden words with my placements?

  • YouTube: We check both the YouTube channel name and any keywords/tags associated with the channel.

  • Websites: We check the website's title and the meta description.

  • Apps: We check the App title and subtitle (for Apple devices).

How to use forbidden words for placement exclusions

You have to enter the words you don’t want in English, and we’ll translate where needed.

(default list of forbidden words)

  1. Start with our default list of forbidden words. We've preset some forbidden words, so you can already discover new potential placement exclusions based on this list.

  2. Identify new unwanted topics or keywords: Think about the types of YouTube channels, websites, or apps where you don't want to show ads. Come up with keywords that describe these unwanted placements.

  3. Expand your new forbidden words: Provide your list of forbidden words in English (see the important note below). Then use Preview mode to see what placements are matched with your forbidden words and evaluate if they exclude placements where you don't want to be seen."

Important note: non-English content

  1. Our system automatically translates all non-English placements into English for effective filtering across languages.

  2. Then, TrueClicks matches them against your provided list of forbidden English words and thus matches your list to websites, YouTube channels, and mobile apps in any foreign language.

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