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What are placement exclusions from external sources?

With these tasks, you can prevent even more waste by letting us auto-detecting wasteful or low-quality placements based on external lists.

Supported exclusion lists

Using External list(s)

We can auto-detect if your ads are shown on websites from external exclusion lists.

We'll cross-check and add these websites to an exclusion list of your choice as soon as you have at least 1 impression of such a website. This keeps your exclusion list clean and effective, compared to adding it directly to Google Ads placement exclusion list.

1. Create a Google Sheet

  • Create a Google Sheet

  • The first column must have the header "Placement".

  • Below the header, list the placement URLs you wish to exclude (websites, apps, YouTube channels/videos), one per row.

2. Adjust Sharing Permissions

  • Go to Share > General access.

  • Change the default 'Restricted' setting to "Anyone with the link".

  • Copy the shareable link.

3. Enter the Sheet URL(s):

  • Paste the copied link(s) into the designated field(s) within your ad management system.

Important note

  • We automatically exclude placements where your account had at least one impression, keeping your exclusion lists focused on relevant sites.

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