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Auto-dismiss Google's recommendations
Auto-dismiss Google's recommendations
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Are you tired of dismissing the same recommendations repeatedly to achieve a high enough OptiScore (70%) for your agency's Partner status? Then this task is a huge time (and annoyance) saver.

Please note that we can only auto-dismiss the recommendations that are currently supported by the API. That's a decent list of 53 recommendations, but it doesn't include all recommendations.

So when you select "All recommendations" in this TrueClicks auto-apply tasks, we mean all available recommendations through the API, the ones you'll see when expanding the drop-down menu:

Please be thoughtful before blindly selecting "All recommendations", as there are some genuinely useful recommendations you still may want to see, like: Add GTIN to your products (Shopping), Add assets to your responsive search ads, Move unused budgets, and a few other ones.

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